The newest Directors of CityArts Cooperative are ready to let it all hang out on the gallery walls during Girls, Girls, Girls! 


Join us for our summer exhibit featuring our nine newest members – Bonnie Tate, Dominique Divine, Dolores King, Christence Taylor, Hannah Spiegleman, Jan Bennicoff, Sherry Yuhas, E.S.Olsen, and Jordan Kady.

This is an all-female exhibit that showcases a wide range of mediums, artistic styles, and identities. Though women artists are far better represented in contemporary art now, in terms of the number of women artists that are having their work exhibited and shown, there still remains a glass ceiling in the art world. This is a celebration for a small group of women in a small art community and is meant to inspire ourselves and others to keep moving forward, to think bigger, and follow our dreams.

Visit us during our regular gallery hours from May 11th – July 9th or come to our reception on May 14th, 6pm-8pm

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