Become a Director

What Are Directors

CityArts Creative Directors are the governing body of the cooperative. Each Creative Director has equal and shared responsibility for the successful operation and growth of the co-op, regardless of financial contribution. All Directorships are a 1 year commitment, after completing a minimum two month trial period.

What You Get

  • a key to the building with 24 hour access
  • the ability to display art and/or promotional materials in the building
  • an equal vote in the acquisition, design and use of the building and its common spaces
  • an equal vote in all co-op decisions
  • a small amount of storage in the building
  • the freedom to use the co-op and its amenities to suit your creative needs
  • connections and contacts in the artistic community
  • an inspiring and positive atmosphere of fellow professional creatives

What You Give

CityArts is what you make it

  • contribute ~10 voluntary hours a month to the viability and success of the co-op
  • participate in the monthly meeting
  • work at least one 5.5-hour shift each month, or if you cannot work your shift, get another director to work it for you
  • volunteer to take a position from the organization chart
  • use the calendar system to reserve space
  • stay informed via group emails


  • $110 a month
  • limited use director benefits plus
  • ability to reserve use of any of the common spaces, for classes, events, meetings, and more

Director With Studio

  • $165 a month
  • full use director benefits plus
  • a semi-private studio, about 10’ x 15’ (larger studios are available, terms negotiable)


If you would like to become a director, visit us and pick up a potential director packet with an application.  There is more information about CityArts directorship in the packet.  Monthly dues are projected amounts; when income does not equal expenses, directors contribute to cover the shortage.  We encourage you to visit the co-op during open hours, visit the CityArts website and facebook page, and contact any Creative Director via phone or email. We will be happy to give you a tour of the facility, discuss how CityArts can meet your needs, and answer any questions you may have.  Keep in mind, CityArts is what we make it.  It is ever-changing to meet the needs of the directors and the community.


CityArts is a Home for…

artists . photographers . writers . designers . musicians . jewelers . illustrators . poets . students .  teachers . actors . videographers . crafters . carpenters . freelancers . architects . dancers . marketers . thinkers . dreamers


4 thoughts on “Become a Director

  1. I was downtown yesterday and was looking for your CAC and went to the visual art gallery. The girl at desk did not know where you were located so I did not get to visit:( Suggestion, leave biz cards at the arts center or inform them of your location. Thanks! A friend told me about you. Wasn’t sure of your name either so didn’t come up in google.

  2. Is your organization a 501 c 3, not for profit designation by the State of Florida and the IRS? Is there a published list of your active directors? Is there a published calendar of events? Thanks.

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